Family Doctors Office H. L. Kieviet

Telephone number 020-6412640

For emergencies: choose 1
For repeat prescriptions: choose 2
For receptionist: choose 3


  • From 8.00 until 13.30 o'clock, for making appointments, administrative business or information about test results.

  • From 13.30 until 17.00 o'clock - only for urgent cases

  • From 17.00 until 8.00 o'clock and during the weekends you can be assisted at the Family Doctors' Post, tel. 020-4562000. This is only after making a telephonic appointment (keep your insurance information close by)

  • On Wednesday afternoons the practice is closed after 13.00 o'clock. You will be transferred to a substitute doctor, according to the first letter of your surname. This is mentioned on the answering machine, and also applies for vacations and courses. On these days, the list of doctors who temporarily take over the practice will also be displayed on the door of the practice.